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By Svenska Kunskapsförlaget.

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The Nature and Environment Book is a teaching material for science and environmental classes. Behind this educational effort is the Svenska Kunskapsförlaget AB publishing house, an independent and apolitical company founded in 1993.
The purpose of the The Nature & Environment Book is to give growing generations solid knowledge of the environment, and hence create chances for a better environment in the future.


Through collaborations with local governments, companies, and organizations, the The Nature & Environment Book is handed out free of charge to schools, years 4 through 6. The goal for us is for all pupils aged 10-12 in the country to get their own Nature & Environment Book. Our vision is to present the children of the world with environmental education.
This vision can become a reality if we offer other countries the possibility to freely translate and adapt the The Nature & Environment Book. We want to reach out to the world through our coworkers, customers, partners, and their contacts.


If you have an idea or a suggestion for cooperation that is in line with our vision, you are more than welcome to help us change.


Please feel free to contact us:

E-mail: Tor.nordstrom(a)nmboken.se




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